We Detect Slab Leaks Better than Any Other Company in Town – Call for Qualified Inspection Services in Sun City

Is a slab leak causing you concern? Plumbing leaks can be especially troubling when they are concealed. Slab leaks that go undetected for long periods of time can lead to major structural problems, which compromise the safety of your home. At Sun City Action Plumbers, we know how important it is to detect these leaks right away. Using the latest electronic equipment our water leak detection plumbers can find the most elusive leaks and offer practical remedies that are effectual and cost-effective.

Our Slab Leak Detection Services Are Available 24/7

Time is critical when it comes to finding and repairing below ground leaks. This is why we make it a point to make our certified contractors available around the clock, ready to spring into action whenever you call. Day or night, our contractors will arrive at your home with the proper tools to find the leak with tearing up your flooring. Our licensed plumbing specialists use special, state-of-the-art tools to seek out leaks with leaving your home a mess.

How to Detect Slab Leaks

Not sure what a slab leak looks like? Although these plumbing leaks are typically concealed, they do give off certain clues that they are running amok through your home. Homeowners simply need to stay alert for unusual water usage patterns and evidence of moisture in their homes.

For instance, have you noticed your water bills are higher than normal? If you haven’t used more water than usual (like filling up a pool or watering a dry lawn), then there could be a slab leak at play or a problem with the water line at your meter. Other signs of problems include:

  • Hot spots on your flooring
  • Mildew smells or evidence of mold
  • Puddles in your basement or around your foundation

The best way to determine if a problem exists is to call a licensed water leak detection plumber to investigate the situation right away.

Call Today and Save Money on Leak Detection Services

Whether you have a slab leak, a faulty pipe in your bathroom, need water heater repair, or your pool is losing water at a rapid pace, we have solutions at affordable prices. Give us a call today to find out why we are the preferred leak detection service in Sun City, Arizona.