3 Tips to Tackle a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Plumbers near you can help you fix a clogged kitchen in Sun City, AZ, today. Having a working kitchen sink isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. When you have a clogged kitchen sink, it messes with your daily routine. Some problems can easily be solved if you’re handy with a plunger. Other issues may require the help of a licensed plumber in Sun City. Here are some tips to help you deal with a blocked sink.

Do You Have the Correct Plunger?

The right tools for the job can make all the difference starting with the plunger that you use. There are two kinds of household plungers. One is designed to unclog toilets, while the other is perfect for shower floor drains and kitchen sinks. This plunger has a wide, flat base that provides the best suction. These plungers can be regular sized or handheld and found at the home improvement store.

Handy Homeowners May Want to Clear the P-trap

Many clogs are too far in the pipe to be cleared using a plunger. Instead, they are found in the p-trap, the curved part of the pipe under the sink. Many blockages in this area of the pipe are caused by a buildup of grease and other non-soluble substances. This method of taking care of a clogged kitchen sink is a little more involved that using a plunger. Leaks can develop if the pipes are not reconnected correctly, which is why this is a repair that’s best left to a licensed plumber if you’re not handy with basic tools.

Snake the Line

Do you own a drain snake? This handy contraption can get rid of small clogs that can’t be reached using a plunger or by taking the p-trap apart. One word of caution about this tool, though. Because the tool is made of metal it can damage delicate materials. If you have a porcelain sink, it could scratch the material. Also, drain snakes sometimes only poke a hole in the clog. While the hole may allow water to move through it for a while, it’s only temporary. Eventually the clog will form again and you’ll be back in the same situation.

At Sun City Action Plumbers, we always recommend hiring a licensed plumber to alleviate a clogged kitchen sink. Professional drain cleaning service in Sun City, AZ, is inexpensive and effectual. We’re available around the clock to meet your drain and rooter needs.

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