3 Water Heater Tips to Avoid Emergency Water Heater Service

First-rate plumbers near you available for emergency water heater repair service in Sun City, AZIt’s a safe bet to say that you probably don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on emergency water heater repair or any plumbing repair, right? Luckily, if you follow a few tips from your friendly, neighborhood plumber, you won’t have to call for emergency water heater service in Sun City.

Pay Attention to the Sounds the Water Heater Makes

Water heaters are appliances that make a minimal amount of noise upon startup, especially older, tank water heaters. These sounds are normal and you can expect them to last while the burners are heating the water. What homeowners should be attentive to are sounds that are normal such as popping, screeching, and grinding. These sounds can indicate that there is something seriously wrong with the water heater and that you should service it right away.

Annual Hot Water Heater Maintenance Is a Must

At Sun City Action Plumbers, we know the important of preventive maintenance. We recommend that homeowners consider purchasing a preventive maintenance plumbing plan that includes hot water heater maintenance. This maintenance service includes flushing the tank, checking the pressure valve, inspecting the burners, and inspecting the unit for any small problems that could quickly turn into a problem that could lead to replacing the heater. Yearly maintenance is an affordable option for all homeowners that is designed to save thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs and extend the life the of the appliance.

Consider Purchasing a Water Softener

Not all households need to condition their water, but if you live in a home that has hard water this is something you may want to seriously consider. Hard water leaves orange-colored stains on shower walls, in sinks and toilets, and can eat away at the inside of the water heater’s tank. Flushing sediment once a year (more if your water is particularly hard) can go a long way toward protecting the heater, but conditioning the water is an even better option. Your local, Sun City plumber can help you decide is a water softener is something you can benefit from installing.

Call a 24 Hour Plumber with Any Concerns

We advise all homeowners to call a 24 hour plumber right away if they believe there is something wrong with their water heater. Poor heating, strange sounds, and leaking are three indications that repairs may be needed. For affordable, 90 minutes or less emergency water heater service in Sun City is only a phone call away. Give us a call now and a licensed and insured plumber will be there is a jiffy – guaranteed!

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